Talking with Thomas Podcast

Alison Caswell, Steve Hayes and Maddie Brownne

Welcome to our podcast series of Talking With Thomas. Thomas is a beautiful Spirit Guide who speaks through Maddie Brownne, an unconscious channel. Maddie has been channeling Thomas and other spiritual beings since 2014. Being an unconscious channel means that Maddie has no knowledge or awareness of what the Guides are saying. She prefers to journey and allow Thomas to speak through her so she does not have any influence or memory of what is being said. The messages are therefore purely from Spirit.

Thomas talks though Maddie Brownne, an unconscious channel

In these podcast discussions with Thomas we will be exploring the many common, and not so common, spiritual questions people tend to ask a spirit guide. Some of the topics we cover in Talking with Thomas are: Spirituality, the light within, awakening, the Oneness, the relationship between ego and soul, life purpose, types of spiritual guides and beings, connecting with your guides, healing, reincarnation, time and space, the dimensions, mother nature and her elements, manifesting, moving from 3D to 5D, portals, the transition, hollow earth, creating a new earth and more. Stay tuned as we will be adding conversations on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us and let us know if there are any topics you wish to hear Thomas speak about.

Free Podcasts (Level 1)


1a. Introduction

1b. Who is Thomas and what are Spirit Guides?

2. What is the Light and what is Awakening?

3. What is the difference of being in Ego and Soul?

4. How do we clear and protect ourselves?

5. How can we communicate with our Guides? Part 1

Free Podcasts (Level 2)

Level 2 are more advanced questions.

1. Constructs of time and space

2. What are portals?

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