The Golden Yellow Leaf

The Golden Yellow Leaf
By Stephen Hayes

I wrote a children’s book called, The Golden Yellow Leaf (Still in progress). The book was illustrated by Devin Hassett. It follows the travels of the Golden Yellow Leaf through a couple of incarnations as seen through the eyes of two children, Billy and Jenny. The focus is on the love shared by plants and the elements.

It was the Fall of the year. Billy and Jenny were looking out their picture window. The wind was blowing the leaves of the large maple tree in their front yard this way and that. This is their families largest and most favorite tree. A golden yellow leaf at the very top of the tree was ready to let go and say good-bye. They watched with anticipation from the second story bedroom window. And just then it let go!

The leaf flew upward, swirling and floating with the breeze. It quickly disappeared out of sight. The children’s mother said, it’s time for bed. They ran into the bathroom and brushed their teeth. As their mother tucked them into bed Jenny asked, Mom where do leaves go? Her mom said, they just fall to the ground eventually...

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