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Stories from the great beyond

Volume 3: My Gatekeeper Guide

Wednesday, November 1, 2017: I had a scary dream last night. I was working in a nursing home. There was one room that none of the other staff would go in to. They were afraid the two patients in that room were dead and they didn’t want to be the ones to find out. I decided to enter the room. I opened the door of the darkened room. It was silent. Then I noticed a man quickly leaving the room through another doorway, a doorway I wasn’t aware existed. I went to the bedside of one of the women. She was unable to speak but still alive. The second woman woke as I approached her asking for water.

Thomas (a spirit guide channeled by Maddie Brownne) helped me to interpret the dream. I knew the dream was about a conflict I am having with two friends. The staff’s fear about entering the room was really my fear of acknowledging and facing the conflict, so it was good that I entered the room. The staff’s fear about the two patients being dead was my fear that these friendships would end. Thomas asked me, aren’t you going to follow the man who left through the doorway you didn’t know existed?

A week or so ago, Alison (colleague and friend) and I were talking with Thomas. I asked who my gatekeeper guide is. He said, I can’t tell you at this time. I was frustrated but I understood that the timing of these things is important. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in the Spirit World. There are good reasons why we can’t know everything when we want to. The reason I mention my gatekeeper guide will become clear soon.

Saturday, November 4, 2017 I meditated and followed the man from my dream about the nursing home, I had earlier this week. I received a knowing that he is my Gatekeeper Guide. He decides what information is best for me to have and how much information can come to me from the Spirit World. A better way to say that would be that my gatekeeper guide decides what information I am allowed to remember from when I was in the Spirit World.

The gatekeeper took me to a scene in which I was with some female friends (no one I know in this life). We decided that we should each take a mustard bath. The gatekeeper asked me, what colors make up this mustard color. It was a brown mustard. I said, brown and yellow He said, and that makes what color? I said, a somewhat dark, Golden color. He said, Gold has been an important color for you over the last few years. Bathe in the Golden Light Steve. It will help you avoid the darkness.

So, I meditated on going down through my roots to Mother Earth, thinking I would bathe in the golden lava at her core. As I went down into the cavern below the surface of the earth, I saw water flowing in a V shape, coming in from the left and back out on the right. I stepped over the bottom part of the V. Then I noticed there was more water flowing across the top of the V, making a triangle*. The water picked up in speed and volume.

The Gatekeeper asked, do you want to find out where it goes? I said, alright. I jumped in and floated down stream. Very quickly I saw a tall shiny, Golden building. It had curved edges and no right angles. The Gatekeeper said, you’re on the Golden Planet*. Lay down on the grass and feel the Golden Sun. I did. The grass was incredibly soft. I had no more than closed my eyes when a couple walking by said hi to me. I said hi and I thought, these people are so friendly. Then a woman came over to me. She said, what are you? I said, I’m humanoid. Do you want to be fog* again, she said? We can spin in the air. I said, yes. So, we did. It was fun! Then some spiritual friends from this life joined us. It was wonderful! Everything is so easy there. There’s so much time. We spun for hours. The woman said, on Earth you need to accept the ups and downs. Don’t struggle against them. Accept them. Go with the flow. Here, life is simple and easy. Not so many barriers to happiness. The Gatekeeper was there throughout this journey.

Sunday, November 5, 2017 This morning I cleared the living room of any dark energy and welcomed my Guides, Angels, Faeries and Spirit Animals. I cleared and healed myself. I turned on some Native American Flute Music. In the hour since I awoke, I felt discouraged and worried about various problems in my life. I invited in my Guides. Then I remembered the Gatekeeper. I invited all these Guides in out loud. When I invited the Gatekeeper, the image of water rushing into the open space in my mind, immediately came to me. Like a Light going on and illuminating a room, chasing away the darkness. I knew then that my Gatekeeper is the element of Water!

I had the music on random play. The next song that came on was It shall be beautiful. It starts and ends with the sound of ocean waves. Then I saw images from throughout my life. I was canoeing down the Saint Croix River. I was diving off a rock in Junior Lake, on a hot summer day with my sons. I was swimming in my parent’s pool as a boy. I swam the length of the pool under water one way and then back again. I dove down to the bottom to retrieve quarters. I learned to dive in that pool. I remembered in childhood our family, driving to the lake to go swimming. I could see the water through the trees, and I was so excited with anticipation. Then I saw three years ago when I almost drowned in the Saint Croix. I saw times when we tipped our canoe over. Water said, you are human. Life has ups and downs. You can learn and grow from both.

*triangle ~ this has been an important symbol for me. It is part of the symbol on my healing staff, a triangle in a circle. It refers to the golden pyramid and the sphere of white Light. These are portals through which guides come to heal us. The triangle has three sides, and the number three has been important in my life as well.

*fog & the Golden Planet ~ These refer to a future life progression I experienced. The Golden Planet is part of the Golden Galaxy. On that planet life is so much more joyous, simple and easy. Happiness and success come without so much struggle. The beings on that planet look like little balls of fog. They love to play. One of the ways they do this is through blending together and spinning. It creates a feeling of ecstasy.

I learned later that my gatekeeper’s name is Sedna. She is the Goddess of Water. In another meditation she showed me what it feels like to be water. This poem is about that meditation.

Ode to Water

Steve Hayes 11/5/17

I AM Water
I flow down stream
So smoothly and gently and effortlessly
Gracefully moving around any obstruction
I love the feeling of flow
I have Air above me
And the Earth below me
The Fire of the Sun warms me
Together we sustain all life

There is love above where Air and Water meet
There is love below where Earth and Water meet
There is love where the warm Light of the Sun touches me
I am loved and I am never alone

Life abounds within me and around me
There is no life without me
All the varieties of fish, turtle and animal enjoy me
The Bear sitting in the river catching fish
The Beaver building his home & slapping his tail
The Humans swimming & diving
The Loon singing its echoing call

In the cool, early morning calm
I feel as the child does riding a rollercoaster
I, as fog float joyously and dreamily upward
and join with Air
Before the rays of Sun bring clarity and warmth
Then, when the clouds can hold me no longer
I fall to the earth, plunging downward
I join with Mother Earth
She smiles as all of her children consume me
I become part of every living thing

As the river
I wind and turn
I slow and pool
I play with the rocks
and become white in the rapids
Eventually making my way to the sea
The place we all go to, in the end
Where all life joins
In the Light of the Oneness