Steve's Corner

Stories from the great beyond

Volume 2: My Awakening Event

I know now that my whole life has been preparing me to help people survive the Transition and flourish in the Oneness of the New Earth. Our spirit guides know how to get our attention when they want to. In 2012, without warning or understanding of what was happening, my spiritual awakening began.

In April 2011, because I wanted to experience being a client using Internal Family Systems Therapy. I began therapy with Nancy. In a session on January 18, 2012, I closed my eyes and focused internally to see what parts of my mind needed attention. In my minds-eye white fluffy clouds appeared against a pale blue sky. Then I heard a noise and sensed a rocking motion. I was in the back of a horse-drawn wagon. A long line of covered wagons followed as we headed west from Virginia. I had a knowing that my family eventually settled in Oklahoma. My name is Ben.

In the next scene, a woman is walking in a hurried and determined fashion. I can see her long-flowered dress clearly as she makes her way down the dirt road. She is slim. A basket of corn bread is held tightly in her right hand. She climbs the wooden stairs of a church. Ben takes her hand as they move through the open doors. I could see everything except her face. A knowing comes that this is their wedding day.

Time passes. I see that we now have a ranch and two children, a boy and a girl. My best friend had an adjoining ranch. Our families would get together some nights to play music and have fun. It was a happy time!

In the next scene, I see a man all in black arguing with my friend. He was a greedy man, and he wanted my friend’s land. Suddenly I saw him stab and kill my friend. He took his land. This scene is like something out of an old western with the bad guy all in black. That aspect makes it seem less serious.

Never-the-less, the death of his friend was overwhelming for Ben. After that, his drinking increased and eventually, he became an alcoholic. He abused his son and daughter. After the kids had grown, Ben drank even more. His wife was understandably at her wits end. She nagged him constantly to stop. One day, he got fed up with her nagging and strangled her to death. Ben buried her near the brown shack they lived in. When he was done, he leaned the shovel against the shack. As I viewed this scene in my mind, I knew this was the same scene I experienced at age 14, in my current life.

In 1970-71, the town of Marlborough, MA (in this current life) built an elementary school behind our house and leveled off our land in the process. I spent the summer raking rocks out of the dirt so we could plant grass. After raking for a couple of hours in the hot sun, I took a break. As I leaned the rake against the house, I saw a vision of an old man with white hair and a white beard, leaning an implement against a shack. There was tall golden hay on rolling hills all around, blowing in the wind. At 14, I had no clue why this image appeared. It wasn’t from a TV show or a movie. I didn’t know the man. It was confusing. It took 41 years and a spontaneous past life regression to receive an explanation.

Murdering his wife was never something Ben thought he was capable of doing. Devastated and alone, he couldn’t bear the shame and guilt of the things he had done. I watched in my minds-eye as Ben staggered around drunk by a river. He spent his days drinking away his pain, slowly killing himself.

The next scene was the day of his death. Ben was lying in bed alone. As he took his last breath, an Angel in the form of an African woman dressed in a colorful wrap around dress came to Ben and guided his soul out of his dead body. I (Steve) followed Ben’s soul up into the Spirit World through a gray tunnel. We ended up in a rectangular room with white walls. There was a doorway centered in one corner of the room. Against the two adjacent walls were backless benches. Ben sat on the one to the right of the open doorway and I sat on the one to the left. Jesus walked into the room. Jesus looked at Ben and said calmly and without judgment, "Well that didn’t go so well, did it?"

Ben burst into tears. Jesus then did a life review with him. I didn’t hear what was said, but it was clear there was no judgment. After the "life review" Jesus sent him to rejuvenate under a healing light to cleanse his soul.

I stood as Jesus came closer to me. He put his right hand on my left shoulder. He said "You’re doing well in this life Steve. I’m proud of you."

It was an incredibly powerful experience! As a former Catholic, I felt a combination of awe and intense fear. Jesus had been placed on such a high pedestal, I never thought I would be allowed such a meeting.

When Nancy had me return to the room and I opened my eyes. I was returning from some place far, far away. Prior to this experience, I had thought past lives were something celebrities made up to get attention. Since then, I have experienced over fifteen past lives. The fifteen however were of my own choosing.

For two weeks after experiencing this past life regression, I had a strong knowing that my soul aspired to reach this point in this life! Today, I know that this must have been part of my plan for this life, the plan I created as a Spirit with my guides before entering my physical body. Accompanying this experience was a strong desire to learn everything possible about spirituality. I also felt pride and relief at reaching this guidepost. What I didn’t realize at the time is that it was my awakening event. The awakening event of a star-seed!

From this experience, I have learned that we are all eternal beings. I learned that this life as Steve, is not my only life. If this isn’t my only life, how many other lives have I had? What happens when we die then? Through spiritual experiences with channeled and non-channeled guides, I have learned that I have had many lives, possibly millions. When we are in spirit form between lives, we are part of the Oneness that is God. But to me, the most profound and important lesson this experience and other past life regressions have taught me is that there is no judgment. We are loved and accepted back into the spirit world regardless of what we do as humans. As someone who had experienced deep shame at times in life, this news brought great relief!