Steve's Corner

Stories from the great beyond

Volume 1: A Magical Morning

This is a short example of what the Stories of the Great Beyond will be like. Merlin is the guide who was chosen by my guides and or volunteered to channel through me. I’ve been learning to channel since January, 2019.

Monday, July 1, 2019: I went out and sat on the deck in the morning sun. I welcomed Merlin to come and merge with me. With my mind’s eye I could see his bright light coming toward me. I could feel his energy entering in through my third eye, then down into my body.

S ~ Hello Merlin!

M ~ Hi Steve! How are you today?

S ~ I’m pretty good.

M ~ Your life is magical! Do you know that? Compared to a normal person your life is filled with magic every day.

S ~ Yes, I guess it is. I’m very grateful to my guides and my Spirit for helping me plan this life! I’m grateful to all of the Guides who have assisted me in having all of these experiences!

M ~ When you sit outside on your deck, you understand the connection between the elements, plants, trees, birds and animals. You know the love they feel for one another and the love you feel for them. You walked barefoot on the wet grass the other day. You didn’t just feel the gentle earth giving way and connect with Mother Earth. You understood that the morning dew was the water of Sedna. The still morning air was from Aura. The warm sun on your skin was from Vera. Your life is magical!

S ~ It’s so nice to live outside the box that society tries to put us in! It’s a much more exciting life! There is no end to what we can learn from Spirit!

M ~ Yes and you will learn so much more through the years of the transition! But when the transition is over and the ones who created the veil are gone, imagine how it will be! In Hollow Earth you will see and experience things you never thought possible. Then you will live in the spiritual freedom of the New Earth! You will live in Oneness with nature. You will be connected to nature and nature will be connected to you. There will be no more reason to hide from humans. Love will abound from every living being in the Oneness of the New Earth!

Then I sang Vincent by Don MacLean. Starry, starry night... When I finished three (three meaning mysticism and creativity) birds landed on the top of the archway of my deck, as if to thank me for my song. They were at most ten feet from me. Two woodpeckers were on the left side. The male had been retrieving food from the bird feeder, then feeding the female. On the right side of the archway was a black bird with a brown head and neck. All three stayed there for several minutes. The woodpecker lovers were chirping at each other softly. Magical!