Steve Hayes

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Stories from the great beyond

These stories are about spiritual experiences I have had, lessons I’ve learned, poems, a children’s story which all involve spirit in some way. I hope you find them interesting, thought provoking and informative. Most of all, I hope they draw you closer to the Light – not like a moth to a flame – but like someone finds a wonderful, loving home in an unexpected place.

Volume 1

A Magical Morning

I went out and sat on the deck in the morning sun. I welcomed Merlin to come and merge with me. With my mind’s eye I could see his bright light coming toward me. I could feel his energy entering in through my third eye, then down into my body.

Volume 2

My Awakening Event

I know now that my whole life has been preparing me to help people survive the Transition and flourish in the Oneness of the New Earth. Our spirit guides know how to get our attention when they want to. In 2012, without warning or understanding of what was happening, my spiritual awakening began.

Volume 3

My Gatekeeper Guide

I had a scary dream last night. I was working in a nursing home. There was one room that none of the other staff would go in to. They were afraid the two patients in that room were dead and they didn’t want to be the ones to find out.

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