Awakening to the Oneness of the New Earth:

A Manual on how to Survive the Transition

Awakening to the Oneness of the New Earth
By Stephen Hayes

The beginning is near… the beginning of Oneness and the end of duality. Various Guides through a channel named, Maddison Brownne are telling us that the earth is moving from being a dark planet to being a Light planet, from a time of the male archetype to a time of the feminine archetype and from duality to Oneness. But first, a great storm has begun and within a decade, it will pass. Surviving that storm will not be easy, but it will lead us to the magic and wonder of the New Earth!

This book is helpful for those who are awakening and would like to learn how spirituality works. You will find it helpful in explaining awakening and in giving an overview of what spirituality is. It describes the Transition, Hollow Earth and the New Earth as well as many of Steve’s early spiritual experiences.

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