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Steve Hayes
Stephen Hayes

In 2011, At fifty-five years old, I was like many other experienced Mental Health Clinicians contemplating retirement and bored with my practice. Then came the spiritual awakening that filled my life with purpose and an insatiable curiosity to learn everything I could about spirituality. I read books, was part of a shamanic circle for three years, experienced reiki, past life regression and many other forms of spirituality, took classes, and learned to communicate with spirit guides. Alison Caswell and I created Spiritual Attachment Therapy, which allows clients to learn to communicate with their guides.

Three years later in April 2014, Maddison Brownne requested a past life regression. Before coming out of trance, she looked at me and said, "Hi I'm Thomas. I'm a Spirit Guide." Thomas and I have been communicating by phone, e-mail and in person ever since. Maddie is an unconscious channel, who is thrilled to travel the universe as Thomas and I talk. She is completely unaware of what is said in our conversations. Thomas is excited to talk in such a direct way with me and I get to ask any spiritual question I have! It has been a match made in heaven for all three parties. Then, in 2016, Alison and I started facilitating spiritual groups. We incorporated Thomas into these groups.

In the last five years (2016 – 2021) I have experienced and facilitated off-planet past life regressions, discovered and communicated - with beings in other dimensions - through portals, channeled guides myself, communicated with various plants and animals, received messages from friendly aliens through my dreams, helped two hundred plus people connect with their guides, helped many clients connect with deceased loved ones, helped clients remove harmful ancestral patterns and retrieve soul parts, helped clients remove over one hundred Earthbound Spirits – that had attached to them from clients and people’s homes, and removed 8 – 10 dark spirit guides from people. These things were all accomplished through the client’s guides, my own or other guides who chose to assist. None of these things could be accomplished without them.

It is clear to me that my spiritual path is in helping people to awaken, connect with their guides, develop their gifts, find their spiritual path and help them to negotiate these unusual times we are living in.

Individual Spiritual Therapy

Machias River, Maine
From Mystery...
Machias River, Maine
...to Clarity

I love to assist people in growing spiritually. I help clients by connecting them with their Spirit Guides, helping them to understand their spiritual gifts and in finding their spiritual path. I use techniques such as: Past Life Regressions (Future Lives & Off-planet Lives, trained by Brian Weiss MD), Spiritual Attachment Therapy (to connect people with their guides), Soul Retrieval, Compassionate De-possession (to remove earthbound spirits), Shamanic Journeys, and under hypnosis connecting clients with their deceased loved ones and healing harmful ancestral patterns. These treatments are not connected to any religion or detailed belief system.

I am confident in my ability to help. I love this work! I really enjoy seeing people heal. Before any of us can make a strong connection to spirit, we need to express repressed emotions and heal our psychological wounds. Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and Spiritual Attachment Therapy work wonders. IFS is helpful in healing past traumatic memories and fostering self-love. Imagine being free from the feelings that accompany trauma memories, anxiety, depression and loving yourself!

I have been in private practice since 2000. I have considerable experience helping people with trauma, depression, anxiety, and many other issues. A half-hour free consultation is available. A sliding scale is available. My normal session fee is $80 per hour. I accept Anthem or Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances only. I prefer self-pay clients.

Here are samples of some songs I wrote and recorded related to spirituality and nature.

In the state of Maine

This World

In addition to the offerings described above we offer group and individual sessions to assist people in awakening and deepening their knowledge and connection with the Light. Please consider our group options.

You can contact me and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.