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Talking with Thomas Podcast

Talking with Thomas Podcast

Thomas is a beautiful Spirit Guide who speaks through Maddie Brownne, an unconscious channel. Maddie has been channeling Thomas and other spiritual beings since 2014. Being an unconscious channel means that Maddie has no knowledge or awareness of what the Guides are saying. She prefers to journey and allow Thomas to speak through her so she does not have any influence or memory of what is being said. The messages are therefore purely from Spirit.

Stories from the Great Beyond

Stories from the Great Beyond

These are stories involving spiritual experiences and lessons Steve Hayes has learned over the years. Some involve experiences from as much as nine years ago like my. It has been a fascinating ride so far and it’s going to be even more interesting over the next five years! I hope you enjoy them!

Stories from the Great Beyond


Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind, relax the muscles and be in a state of mind that allows access to your guides. You can find a variety of meditations to help you explore your own light, connect with your guides and experience different types of meditative journeys. Enjoy!