Maddie's Corner

Maddie Brownne

Maddie has had the gift of spiritual sight her entire life but did not share her abilities until later in life. As a child, she learned early on to only speak to the people in the room that the adults were speaking to, even though she saw many others. Fortunately she had a friend while growing up who had similar experiences of seeing the other beings (spirits, deceased people, mythical beings, etc) so she didn’t feel quite so alone. But her gift was not encouraged or supported so it was something she kept to herself.

It wasn’t until she retired that she embraced her gift and, upon encouragement from Steve Hayes, began channeling for others. Whenever she channels in a new space we ask her who she sees in the room. Sometimes she sees the people who lived in a space a hundred or more years ago, other times she sees angels or mythical beings like leprechauns or faeries, and always spirit guides.

Maddie is an unconscious channel who has been channeling Thomas and other Spirit Guides since 2014. As an unconscious channel, Maddie’s ego does not interfere with any of the spiritual messages and guidance that comes through. She prefers to go on magical journeys when she channels and she always awakens feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. She shares her journeys at the end of each channeling. Many of these stories are so beautiful and well received that they are soon to be offered in a children’s story book.

Maddie spent twenty years in the Navy, living all over the world, while married and raising her family. After retiring from the Navy she worked at Poland Springs and later enjoyed her work as a legal assistant.

A travel enthusiast and lover of the sun, ocean and tropical weather, Maddie enjoys cruising around the Caribbean. At home in Maine, she enjoys reading, walks in nature and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and beloved cat.