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Alison, Steve and Maddie

Welcome, We, Alison Caswell and Steve Hayes, are friends and colleagues who are passionate about living spiritually awake, helping people awaken and deepen to their own light within, awaken the collective consciousness and create a New Earth. We are joined by Maddie Brownne, an unconscious channel, who connects us with a spirit guide named Thomas. We created this website as a place for people to go who wish to explore their own spiritual path of awakening, join with other like-minded spiritual people and help raise the collective consciousness.

Awakening to the Light means remembering who and what you truly are as a human being. We are multidimensional, spiritual beings having a human experience on earth and in the multiverse. We are far more than just our bodies, mind, thoughts and emotions. As humans we’ve been conditioned generationally, culturally and since birth with beliefs and expectations about living in a third dimensional, dualistic world. We are so much more than what many of us have been conditioned and led to believe.

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We are spirit, we are soul, we are light. We are awakening and becoming aware of that divine spark that is within us all. We are remembering our birth right - that we are infinite divine beings with unlimited potential. The spiritual awakening path is remembering who you truly are and all you are fully capable of being and experiencing.

Here we will share information that we have learned and found helpful along our spiritual journeys. The spiritual path is ongoing and as we continue to grow, we enjoy sharing, teaching and joining together with other like-minded people. Everyone’s experience is different and unique. We ask that you discern for yourself what is true for you. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. This is a place where you can learn the answers to questions you have about the basics of spirituality and awakening right up through advanced spiritual practices. You will have access to audio podcasts of 10 - 25 minutes about the subject of your choice. There are also many writings on various spiritual topics. Our goal is to make learning about spirituality as simple and easy as possible.

We are living in a confusing and unusual time in earth’s history. Connecting to your light and your guides will make the process of awakening easier and so much more interesting and enlightening. Along with our individual spiritual therapy practices, we offer Awakening to The Light Within groups and Talking with Thomas groups.

In the section Talking with Thomas we invite you to listen to our audio podcasts where we talk with a Spirit Guide named Thomas who is channeled through our friend Maddie, an unconscious channel. In these talks we ask Thomas many of the spiritual questions people ask in our groups. It is great fun and we hope you enjoy it!

We think you will find all of this fascinating, uplifting and enlightening!

Meet Us


Alison's Corner

I have been on this spiritual journey my entire life. Spirituality, psychology and exploring the truth about who we are and why we are here has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

Steve's Corner

Steve's Corner

I love to assist people in growing spiritually. I help clients by connecting them with their Spirit Guides, helping them to understand their spiritual gifts and in finding their spiritual path.

Talking with Thomas


Maddie has had the gift of spiritual sight her entire life but it wasn’t until she retired that she embraced her gift and began channeling for others.

Talking with Thomas


Thomas is a beautiful Spirit Guide who speaks through Maddie Brownne, an unconscious channel.

Podcast Introduction

In these podcast discussions with Thomas we will be exploring the many common, and not so common, spiritual questions people tend to ask a spirit guide. Stay tuned as we will be adding conversations on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us and let us know if there are any topics you wish to hear Thomas speak about.